In general, job search can be challenging; during a recession or slowdown, this may appear impossible. 

But that is not entirely true. Recruitment, interviews are happening.

The key is to find the right way to get employed.

Here are five ways to build your chance of getting employed during this difficult time.

It will be useful for both the experienced and fresher in job search during the recession or economic slowdown.

Note: Do not miss out on bonus tips included, that will give you an EDGE during your job search.

Do job market research- Industry and Sector-wise.

Not all industries or sectors are affected by the recession. Information/ Data from the past during the recession show that Health care, FMCG, education, utility are the least affected industries.

For instance, During COVID 19 lockdown, we witnessed the demand for essentials like groceries, vegetable fruits were high;

Demand for delivery and warehouse personnel increased, Virtual teaching, training market has increased tenfold.

So, this gives you an idea of how to go about your job search.

Do not use one standard resume and apply for all the jobs. Customize your resume based on the job you are applying to; Use the right keywords.

Hiring is still on

Even during slowdown, Hiring has not stopped completely. It is still going on virtually.

 So be prepared for this new way.

Create your video resume. Give your interview online in a professional manner; formerly dressed being as serious as you would attend a face to face interview.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile and resume with right keywords.
It will increase your chance tremendously of getting selected during the screening process.

Build and work your network

Create your profile on professional networking sites.

It is high time you create your account in sites like LinkedIn and start building and working your network.

(If you already have one not active then; Time to get busy)

Networking helps you in getting job referrals, updates on present hiring scenarios, information about in-demand jobs, link to key players in your field everything that helps you grow your career or business.

Recruiters are in search of people who are up to date in their domain.
So research on the skills mandatory for your Job, Upskill/ upgrade yourself, try doing any certification course, or attend online workshops or webinars.
List them in your Resume.

Be flexible

Adapt to the situation that is prevailing. The job market is tight.

So, take up a job even it is on a contract basis; Be flexible in terms of salary negotiations, location, and job title.

Become a freelancer in your respective field; follow your passion, venture out to build something new.

Don’t be idle.

Be confident and continue your job search in 2021. You will succeed.

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