5 steps to craft ultimate Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short, concise summary of your background, expertise, and credentials.

It describes your career, product, idea, or business in a memorable, unique, and effective manner.

When delivered right, It helps to build your connections/network, use in a job interview, LinkedIn summary, professional networking events, client meetings, office events, or meetings.

5 Steps to create the ultimate elevator pitch:

  1. Introduce yourself:

A formal introduction is the best way to start your pitch with confidence is the key.

– Your name.

– Where you are from.

– What you do.

For example, You are invited to a networking event, it would be unwise if you start talking about the company you work for or something irrelevant like your love for poems right away to your potential lead. 

2. Find the Objective:

Narrow down your objective; Why and for what purpose you are doing this pitch.

Tailor the pitch; based on the goal identified.

For example, You are attending a Job Interview, so the objective is to secure the job, customize your pitch focusing on your skills, expertise, career achievements, or highlights.

3. Focus on the problem first:

Before going to your selling points, what advantage you can bring to them. Identify the problems that exist for which you hold solutions;  

It confers real value when you explain, what your business or idea is about and creates unique weightage and advantage over your potential competitors.

4. State your Unique Selling Proposition:

Now that you have stated the problem, demonstrate how your skills, product, or idea will become the solution.

Highlight your expertise, weigh in your USP- Unique selling proposition, how you stand out from the competitors.

5. Make your Audience Involved:

End with a follow-up question or Ask your audience for a follow-up question.

Constructively take criticisms.

Finish your pitch by giving your contact information, prompting them to reach to you.

For Example:

Your pitch can be like this,

‘Hi, My name is Ravi, It's a pleasure to meet you! Am the Managing director of Eco papers Pvt ltd. We pioneer in producing eco-friendly paper for mass consumption. We produce papers from wastage conserving our planet's natural resources. It is essential to do our part to reverse global warming, Don’t you think so?'

This pitch ends with a follow-up question as a great conversation starter with your potential lead.


  • Customize the steps, based on the nature of the pitch.
  • Keep your pitch short and to point, under 30-40 seconds.
  • Make it relevant, crisp, and concise.
  • Do not sound scripted, robotic, or monotonous.
  • Be enthusiastic and relatable.
  • Avoid flutter or jitters while giving your pitch, be natural and confident.
  • As mentioned above, tailor it, create more than one pitch based on the context.
  • Practice frequently, Refine and repeat.

Follow these steps to develop your audience or lead’s interest that gives your pitch a lasting impression.

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