7 easy steps to reach the All-star in LinkedIn – 2021

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. 

LinkedIn is used to create professional relationships, find a job or internship, grow or promote your business, find the right audience for your professional growth.

You can create your profile using LinkedIn comprising of your professional story, showcase your skills, education, certifications, and experience.

It is a great way to create your brand.

An All-star:

An all-star tag helps you to have more visibility for your profile. Linkedin has a profile strength meter that indicates the strength of your profile, sections to be added to reach to All-star profile rating.

We have listed easy to follow steps to reach All- star profile rating.

7 easy steps to reach the All-star tag:

  1. Professional Profile Photo:

Your profile photo must be your professional extension.

A professional photo creates trust and validates your profile. 

No photo or wrong photo will be considered latent, and your profile will be likely to be viewed less or ignored completely.

2. Use Background Image

Your Background image must be related to the industry, or field you are in that enhances your professional image.

Pro tip: Use the feature section to display your certificates, testimonials, and videos/articles by you or anything that interests you.

3. Headline Matters:

Headlines create a first impression, show who you are, what you care about, provide an introduction about your professional self. 

Ensure the headline is catchy, associated with your industry, and role-specific with relevant keywords that highlight your individuality.

4. Create your summary:

Your summary must be your narrative, not a third-party write-up. It must be an extension to your headline. It must include your background, expertise, strengths, and achievements. 

Keep it brief, crisp, and concise. Don’t deviate from the points that you want to convey. The summary must be your professional story.

5. Identify and mention your top skills:

Highlight your top, relevant professional skills that can be endorsed by your connections in LinkedIn. So list at least the top 5skills, this gives you a chance to showcase your precise expertise areas.

Pro Tip: Get and give endorsements to have profile credibility.

6. Professional Details:

Add details about your current and past experience – company, job title, working period, roles, and responsibilities or achievements.

Include your school and college name.  

Again keep it brief, don’t go overboard.

7. Connect with related people:

Growing your network is not just adding more numbers as your connections. It shouldn’t be generic, rather specific to your industry, job title can include your colleagues, ex-colleagues, professors, or teachers, alumni from college/school. If you are a business owner, then add connections to amplify your business presence. 

Follow people who are pioneers in your industry.

You should have at least 50 connections to attain All-star status. 

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