8 Ultimate Job Search strategies for 2021

Job Search can be daunting, whether you are a fresher or working professional looking for a job change or career change. 

Most job seekers think the first step of a job search is preparing or modifying our existing resume and apply for as many jobs as possible and wait for that interview call. If you are one of them, you need to keep on waiting.

This is the traditional approach.

Today’s Job Market is competitive, social media-driven, powered by networking, filled in abundance with talented professionals who strive to get ahead and get the job they desire.

Identifying the right job search strategy, customizing, and applying it in your job search is crucial to land your dream job.

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

Here I have listed 8 different strategies to help you find your Next dream Job.

  1. Job and self-Analysis – Identify the Gap:

Do a self-analysis to identify your professional strengths and weakness. Next, Analyze your target job; soft & technical skills and qualifications required for the job. Identify the gap, Learn the skills, undergo the training, get professionally certified for the job to get an edge over other applicants. 

2. Upskilling or Professional Certifications:

Up-skilling can happen online or offline. Online courses can be pursued, on various platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Future Learn, LinkedIn Learning, Edx, and many more credible sites.

You can be Professionally certified (PMP, CSCP, CISA, etc) by clearing exams and fulfilling the stipulated requirements of the certifying professional association provides you credibility in that respective field or career.

3. Resume:

The next step is to update or create your resume, add relevant skills, experience, certifications, education details, customize the resume based on the Job description. Don’t use one resume for all Jobs unless your responsibilities are monotonous. 

Always read the JD twice before applying for the job. 

Keep your resume crisp, relevant, and in an easily readable format.

4. Target Search:

Identify your target company or industry that you want to work with, Narrow your search, use relevant keywords, job, company, or industry-specific keywords.

5. Work on your Digital Identity:

Maintain a professional digital presence across your social media pages. 

Create your profile and start networking in Professional networking sites like LinkedIn, Xing, Bark, etc. Customize your URL use your name, so your name will be pulled up when the recruiter searches your name in search engines.

Blogging or creating a website is not only for business. It is also for working professionals like you. If you are a mid-senior professional, It is time to up your game and start focusing on creating your brand. This is a great way to create and maintain your digital presence. Create a website listing your expertise areas, skills, experience, etc.

6. Networking: 

Networking is an effective job searching strategy. 

Do you know about the hidden job market, 80% of the jobs are not advertised and closed internally through employee referrals, word of mouth, networking, etc.

So, you are competing for 20% of job offers made available in the Job market.  

Participate in Online and Offline networking events, create and practice your elevator pitch.

Networking helps you to the hidden job market (80%) and get the job that you deserve.

7. Informational Interviews:

Effective networking process can lead to Informational interviews. You can request 20 minutes interview from your contact (target company- department) working in your target company, you will get information about the company, work culture, skills required for the job.

This information is not available online and not generic. It is specific and helps you to gain real-time insights into your potential job.

An important rule in the networking process for a job is never to ask your contacts when meeting for the first time for Job or Job referral. Work your way to it, put in efforts

8. LinkedIn profile:

Many recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit and shortlist candidates. The best way to get more visibility is to get an All-star tag for your profile and stay active on LinkedIn.

Share articles, comment on relevant posts, join Industry-specific groups, expand your network with relevant connections. This helps you to show up in the recruiter’s feed.

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