Why do you need a career coach?

Am unhappy with my career. Am looking for a better opportunity. I lost my job in pandemic and looking for a job. I want to switch my career.

Do you resonate with any of the above statements? Confused about where to start, you will need skilled guidance to help you reach your career goals.

A career coach is an expert in Job search strategies, resume building, Interview guidance, LinkedIn profile review, career advancement, career transition, career mapping, or planning.

Help you to set realistic short-term or long-term goals, devise an action plan to reach your career goals, instill self-confidence, break your barriers, give you a clear career vision, provide you with the necessary tools to take charge of your career.

5 Reasons to hire a career coach:

1. Confusion to clarity:

Working professionals often feel stuck, not sure about their next move, a career coach can provide clarity.

Define your career goals, plans, and future aspirations, identify hidden opportunities through regular career coaching sessions that transcend your mind-set from confusion to clarity.

2. Find your Motivation and Strength:

Not all of us are self-motivated. Many need that pushes to move forward. Since the coaching sessions are structured and systematic, you will be regular and find time to work on your goals together with your career coach.

You will get motivation from your career coach and find your inner strength and achieve your career goals.

3. Customized approach:

Personalized plans work better than generic plans. Your carer problems differ from your colleagues; A career coach understands your career blocks, identifies the problem, and prepares an action plan to address that problem.

There are plenty of credible resources online, ‘How to write a resume’,’ Interview tips’ etc. But this is common can be limited, might necessarily not solve your career-related problems.

Real-time conversations can lead to life-changing revelations. A career expert can guide you to do the same with your career.

4. Practice for perfection:

You have an important interview or preparing your elevator pitch for a networking event; practicing in front of the mirror, recording yourself, reviewing, and improving will give you a one-dimensional perspective.

Doing a mock interview or practicing your elevator pitch with your career coach can be highly beneficial. This will prepare you for real-time, give you a fresh outlook, new ideas, or strategies that you can employ and succeed.

5. Accountability partner:

A career coach will ensure you accomplish your tasks, work towards your career goals by following your action plan.

You stay consistent and not deviate from your path by being accountable to your coach.

Take charge, find the right career coach now and start working towards your career destiny.

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