7 warning signs to change your career.

As humans, we tend to hate monotony. It does not push us and soon breeds boredom. Boredom settles in quickly and, enthusiasm soon dies out. Though challenges can be a bit daunting, they bring in the best versions of ourselves. We want to grow, scale greater heights and ultimately lead happy lives.

Often our work life can be unhappening. The same pile sheets to be filed, or the same presentations can breed contempt. Slowly, you develop hatred towards work. An unhappy mind at the workplace is not sound at all. It affects your productivity and most importantly your, mental health. Sometimes, it is hard to read the signs when you are unhappy with your work. These are some of the signals that indicate that it is time to switch careers:

  • Monday Blues every day

Those cups of coffee are not working for you. Most days you have to push yourself to your workstation. You delay submissions and find excuses to escape responsibilities. Every day seems like a replay of the previous one. You do not feel challenged nor, do you feel like making contributions. Sunday nights give you anxiety.

  • Under the radar

Most of the time, it is our near and dear ones that notice when we are not feeling great. They start noticing the anxieties and the boredom. More often than not, when they confront you, you lash out saying everything is okay. When your loved ones are worried about your well-being it is a sign to do something to fix it.

  • Non-alignment of Values

Sometimes we tend to join companies because their values align with ours. But as time goes by, the roads diverge. People at the top change, and hence the way of working. Suddenly you no longer identify yourself with your company nor with the values. It can be a painful process and, sometimes we end up doing work that we might not deem ethical. Hence you feel trapped and stuck in an unfamiliar situation and slowly develop hostility.

  • Well-being affected

When you are unhappy with your work, it affects your health as well. Your sleep cycle is messed up, and you have irregular mood swings. Your well being can make or break the being of others around you. Soon enough things at home turn tricky and reach a point of no redemption. You start doubting yourself and get anxious all the time. Instead of being stuck in a zone of constant dread and fear, it is time to step out and take action.

  • Constantly thinking of switching careers

We love being around people and places we are familiar with. It gives us a sense of comfort and happiness that we associate with them. That is one of the major reasons why people do not change the places they live in unless necessary or the companies they work in. But when you are constantly plotting your next move and looking up new jobs, it means you are not happy with your current setup. It is time to take the leap and make the move.

  • Coping Struggles

As time goes by, our age does catch up with us. The kind of work we delivered in our 20s might not be what we can do right now. You might find work too challenging and find it difficult to meet deadlines. Sometimes that is how things are. Maybe that is a sign to work in a less stressful environment. It is important to recognise this as early as possible then, at a time when work will adversely affect our health.

  • Money

Sometimes money might be the only reason you might be sticking to your job. When things reach that point, it is time to exit the stage. Your job should not be the only thing that defines you. It is a part of your life like any other thing in your life. You deserve to be happy and chase euphoria. The decision to leave your job for another is risky and challenging, but if it is your chance to escape monotony and experience joy, you should chase it.

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