What is the Great Resignation in 2021?

Our lives have changed drastically in the past couple of years. We have learned to adapt and adjust to the changes happening around us. We have tried to grapple things and have a grip on things. Things were difficult, to say the least. Job security was a concern: people started working from home and, students became familiar with the concept of online classes. It was difficult to become used to in the beginning. There was an initial phase of curiosity and excitement of not turning up to an office space or turning up in your pyjamas to your classes, but slowly a deep hatred started taking root in all our lives.

The pandemic has given us a perspective on many things. We learned to prioritise aspects and appreciate the little things. It has given us time to ponder over things that matter. With people working remotely that stretch hours and video calls extending to the night, exhaustion and contempt have become permanent feelings. Mental health was tossed over and, people started experiencing heightened episodes of anxiety and trouble concentrating things. People began questioning if the loyalty was worth sacrificing sleep and peace over.

All of this has accumulated and directed towards some deeper yet more insightful self-reflection. People started asking questions that would have been a no brainer in a normal landscape. People started questioning what is deemed normal. Somehow the pandemic gave us the courage to see things from a different angle. It gives them strength and courage to prioritise things that matter to us and is dear to us. The pandemic taught us that everything is ephemeral and, it is all about doing things that add to our lives.  ‘Is the job worth keeping?’ ‘Is the pay worth getting out of the bed for?’ ‘Am I sacrificing my sanity for an assumed bigger picture?’

‘The Great Resignation’ is a phrase that gained momentum in 2021. A large proportion of the workforce is resigning their jobs and prioritising life over achievements at work and paycheck. They resign because of toxic cultures at work and companies giving little to no importance to how the employees are doing in these testing times. People have finally begun to see how few companies are using them as pawns for profits and consider them easily replaceable with the younger pool. The workforce has finally realised their worth and began actively working towards having a more positive work environment. They have finally imbibed the courage towards making a change in things that they find wrong or needs working. People have finally realised that it is necessary to have well-balanced life rather than a lope sided consuming work life.

Though remote working has been difficult, it has given an understanding like no other. Giving more time to be our near ones gave us the realisation of how much we missed out. Most of us returned to our childhood homes, where we were constantly reminded, of how things were much easier way before. We also got an insight into how others work and how much their company demands and provides for them. This gave us a deeper understanding of what was wrong with the culture we were employed at, and the necessities we were robbed of from us our company. We learned that work is no longer the only thing the sustain but is only a part of us.

With the majority of workplaces taking a plunge of quitting their jobs, companies have been going all out to prevent this. Impressive perks, heavy paycheck and hybrid mode of working have been popular methods. Temporary fixes are what the companies, trying to handle the situation. Companies have been trying to be fixable with how the employees trying to bringing in a more fixable working schedule for the employees. Companies have been trying to bridge the gap between themselves and the employees by strengthening interpersonal relationships and the HR department.

It seems like there has been a shift in how we see ourselves and what we want for ourselves. We have finally realised what deserves our time and attention. We have come to realise that there are bigger things other than ourselves, things that need the utmost care. Companies need to evolve and understand what their employees are going through and side with them. They should try to find a balance between reaping profits and prioritising the lives of their employees.

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