6 Job search strategies for freshers – 2021

When you are a fresh graduate, there are not many avenues to explore the future. Chances are you are confused about what to do next. Whether to continue with your studies or to get a job or take time off for introspection, the options are quite varied and confusing. Choosing the right path needs a lot of thought and contemplation. Hence it is significant to explore and know your options thoroughly.

If you are planning on getting a job post completing the course, finding your niche and navigating your way through an unknown place can be intimidating. There are things to know about and people with whom you should forge a bond. You should know what are the skill sets you should equip yourself with and have to present them. You need to know how to put forth your ideas across while being a team member. If you are fresh out of the mill graduate, here are a few tips on how to get a job that is exciting and challenges you :

  • Network

If you are still in college, make yourself visible on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. You can connect with industry veterans and people within the same age bracket. You can get in touch with seniors who are following the path you are interested in. You can get to know more about companies and the job openings they are putting up. You can learn more about perfecting your profile by knowing what are the relevant skillsets required.

  • Building a strong resume

It is important to understand how a resume should look in 2021. The requirements put up by companies and corporations are different from what was, say, in the past ten years. Craft your resume into a concise yet strong piece of document. You need to highlight your strengths and camouflage your inexperience. Make use of a strong objective statement and action words in your resumes. You can ask your connections to have a go through your resume for an opinion.

  • Freelancing/Internships

Since freshers might not have relevant work experience, getting a job can be difficult. The options that are made available are often freelancing and internship kinds. Therefore it is important to accept them, even if they sound less significant. It is how you make use of these opportunities. It is here where you mold your voice and opinions. Take it as a learning opportunity to see how things work out. Build connections who can help you in the future.

  • Webinars and Courses

Enroll yourself in courses that is an extension of the subject you majored in, try Udemy, Coursera, Future learn, Udacity, LinkedIn learning etc.. Learn skills that can help you work across industries. Attend webinars to know-how companies and corporations work. Attend job fairs to improve your chances. Make sure you subscribe to company newsletters and emails to stay in the loop. Keep learning and updating yourself.

  • Job portals

Create profiles on job portals like Naukri and Monster. They bring in suggestions that are curated to your profile. It is important to be active across platforms and not on a single platform alone. Companies use different platforms to post job openings hence, it’s important to understand and work smartly. You can filter job searches to the cities you are interested in working at as well as according to your skills.

  • Time off

Sometimes taking time off can streamline your thoughts. You can prioritise things that need attention. You can look upon things and research well into things before diving. You can build solid connections who act as referrals in this time. You can work on strengthening your profile by learning transferable skills and courses during this time. Use this time to work on improving yourself.

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