What is Mock Interview and Its benefits.

Once you have been filtered based on your resume, interviews are the next step when applying for a job. Interviews are known for their intimidating setup. The pressure of getting it right and impressing the recruiter can be daunting. Many things can be unnerving be it being in an unfamiliar set-up with an unknown person while bringing in the best version of yourself. Many things can go wrong and, it is important to maintain your composure and try to have control over the situation.

Therefore having mock interviews can lift the huge boulder off of your shoulder. Mock Interviews are practice interviews that give you an understanding of how the real one works. They include probable questions that are usually asked and, the interview environment is more or less recreated. You can have these mock interviews with a colleague or a friend of yours or even ask for the help of a professional agency like us to ace your next interview.

So why do you need to have a mock interview before the actual one? Here are a few reasons why :

  • Reduce Stress

An unfamiliar environment can usually spike our anxiety and stress levels. When you are supposed to be in a high-pressure environment where you are supposed to perform well, these levels can shoot to astronomical levels. Therefore having a mock interview can help deal with those stress levels as you get to test waters. Mimic a similar interview setup for your mock interview so you get familiarized with the setup over time. Your first mock interview might not go as planned but fret not. Take your time and acclimatize to your situation.

  • Boost Confidence

Having multiple mock interviews can do wonders for your confidence. You get familiarized with probable questions and the environment you are supposed to be in. You get comfortable in your skin and eventually gain more control over your body movements and actions. With time you learn and realize what you should talk about and what you should hold back. Mock interviews can boost your self-esteem as well. With time you will be able to project your best self forward.

  • Feedback

The person with whom you are doing the mock interview can give you feedback on things that need some working on and compliment you on the things you are good at. This can help you focus on finessing parts of yourself that needs some polishing. Feedback on how you are performing can help you in the long run. You get to know things about yourself that you might have nudged under the carpet, things that needed attention right away.

  • Test Run

With a mock interview, you can eventually test things you would eventually want to say in the actual interview. This can be in terms of how you present it or what you would like to edit out eventually. You can play around with your body language, be it with your hand gestures and how you put yourself forth. You can play around with how you would answer a question and see what works well in the actual scenario.

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