How to make Vision Board 2022?

The feeling of getting life together is unparalleled. Organising, planning and finally, things coming together is a joy that is best left undescribed. Envisioning dreams and materialising and seeing them happen requires hard work and dedication. Consistency is key here, as always. It requires planning and the determination to never give up when you are down bad and in the gutters.

Vision boards are physical representations of the things you want to see in the future. It is a collage of pictures, words, quotes and goals. It is a reminder of the things you want to achieve. It is about taking baby yet consistent steps towards making them happen. Vision boards can have reminders like taking life slow and enjoying the little things, and not just the leaps you want to make in your professional life.

Vision Boards are important because they are actual and physical reminders of the things you want in life. These boards are a driving factor for the things you want to achieve in life. Vision boards are powerful manifestations. It motivates one to achieve their goals. It is also a fun DIY project to work on. You can create one with your art supplies or on a digital platform. The choice is yours. If you are someone who is thinking of creating one, here is how you can make it happen:

  • Prioritize

Sort and seek out what is important to you. Understand the things that need your attention right away. See how you can make them happen. Find out how you can make them happen. See if they are long term or short term goals. Analyse what went wrong in this sector in the last year or so and why it is important to focus on them and improve this particular aspect. You can include the things you want to get better at, something with which you already tested the waters.

Once you have filtered and ranked what is important and deserves attention, narrow them down. Be specific on what aspect of your priority you would like to work on. Be specific with what you want to achieve. Find out what aspect of working towards your goal is considered progress. State achievable targets. Try not to make your targets demanding or too straining. Make them fun and innovative.

  • Categories

Your goals can come diverse and all over the place. Section them. You can categorise them into personal and professional targets. You can even section them based on what needs immediate attention or if they need work on a short or long term basis. You can either section your vision board accordingly or plan a separate vision board for your personal or professional goals. A messy vision board is likely to clutter your mind and push you away from your goals.

  • Roll up your sleeves

Once you have prioritized the things that need some working on, it is time to get creative. Run through your magazines and newspapers to find pictures and quotes that motivate you and help you in the cause. You can print pictures and even draw them if you want it. Be inventive and push the boundaries. Find a thread to connect your goals so you can ultimately create an aesthetic board.

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