How to prepare for Video Interview – 2022

A video interview is a convenient way for recruiting candidates given, the current work from home circumstance due to Covid 19 resurge, a video interview is the most logical way of hiring a candidate. The scheduling is much easier for both parties and to assess the performance of a candidate.

Interviews, in general, can be nerve-wracking. However, a video interview does not come with that much of a burden, as the candidate can choose to give their interview in a setup their comfortable with. This frees the candidate of unnecessary pressure and put them at ease. But this idea can total backfire as well.

People might take the interview too casually to the point they might not take it seriously. A video interview is no different from an in-person interview.

Here are few things you should look out for when giving a video interview:

  • Timing

Being late to an interview creates a negative first impression. Try to join the meeting link a good 10-15 minutes before the actual time. However, do not arrive too early as well. If the recruiter is on an interview spree, seeing someone in the Zoom waiting room can affect their performance as well.

You can have a test run to check your sound levels as well as your mic. You can adjust your camera and place it accordingly in this time frame. You can use this time to compose yourself as well.

  • Dress Smart

Though a video interview gives you an excuse to dress casually or be sleazy, do not do that. Pick formals and well-pressed dresses. Make sure the background is not messy. You can choose a virtual background or a neutral setup. Make sure your hair is done and  

  • Phone

An unspoken rule of an interview is to keep your phone silent. The same goes for a video interview.

Make sure the notifications do not keep popping while you are giving an interview. Keep your phone at an arm’s distance and not nearby so that you are not distracted by it. Using your phone during an interview is extremely rude and is bad etiquette.

  • Isolated setup

When you are giving a video interview, make sure you are in a quiet environment. Inform your roommates or your family that you are not to be disturbed for a given time frame. Keep things at an arm’s length, so that you do not have to leave the setup to get them. Make sure your surrounding is not noisy either.

  • Taking control

Sometimes being in a familiar setup can be quite a distraction, it is important to control the narrative. Pay attention to what the recruiter is asking and, do not get distracted. Though it is harder to focus, try to hold onto certain details here and there so that you radiate the idea of being attentive.

  • Familiarise

Make sure you have a strong network connection, to begin with.

Have quality electronic items as well, so that you are heard clearly as well as no lags ae experienced when speaking. Try a few test runs to see how things are.

  • Body Language

Exert control on how you react. If you are sitting in a revolving chair, make sure you do not move around. Maintain eye contact with the recruiter and try not to look around. Do not stretch your backs or hands either. Maintain professionalism.

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