Applicant tracking system – How to make your resume ATS friendly?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software used by companies to select suitable candidates for job openings. It is an efficient method of filtering out candidates and is a highly convenient method for selecting the right person. ATS is a highly convenient method to save money that is otherwise sent to hiring managers who go through resumes over several days and hours. It helps in narrowing down a large pool of candidates.

ATS also helps in selecting high-quality candidates as it picks the very best of the lot. It saves a lot of time and manpower.

You should build your resume to be ATS friendly, otherwise, your resume may get rejected. You might be the fittest person in the room to get the job, however, the wrong format can get your resume rejected. You should craft your resume accordingly so that you stand a chance of getting the job.

Here are a few ways on how to make your resume ATS friendly :

Using industry-specific keywords is important. These are the words that the ATS identifies from your profile. These keywords are the ones that are present in your skillsets, qualifications and achievements. Often these keywords are present in the job description itself, therefore you need to understand what the description is trying to explain and looking for. Make sure these words are spelt right as well.

Understand what are some of the common usages of words in the industry you are part of.

  • Template

ATS finds it difficult to read complicated fonts and template styles. It cannot read files if the fonts are not compatible. The software does not make it a point to understand rather it skims through your profile focusing, on some relevant points alone. You should not include any graph or icons or table as such as it complicates the readability. Make sure you save the file in .docx format.

Use the reverse chronological format for the resume. Make sure you include information in the body of the file, and not sectioned it into headers or footers. Make use of bullet points in your resume.

  • Sectioning

Section your resume carefully. Do not mix sections be it your professional experiences or educational qualifications. This makes it easier for ATS to read your profile. When it comes to skillsets, use keywords. Stick to things that matter and do not crowd your profile.

The same goes for your cover letter as well. Divide your letter into paragraphs and do not make the entire thing into a single paragraph.

  • Be specific

When you are, applying for a job at a company, make sure you are applying for a single opening. ATS can track the openings you have applied for in a company. As a result, the recruiters would have an impression that you are not serious about work. If you are interested in a couple of openings that the company has put up, decide on what suits you the best and apply for that alone. Do not recycle your resume.

Tailor your resume according to the job description. You should apply for the job that you are qualified for. ATS filters out candidates concerning qualifications as well.You should be selective in what you choose to apply.

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