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What are Resume action words?

If you have studied in the  Indian educational system, chances are you have gotten yourself familiarized with the concepts of writing letters to the Editor, making CVs, and Resume. However, these were often brushed under the carpet and given the least acknowledgment in our school and college days. However, once we have completed higher education, […]

Difference between CV and Resume.

Resumes and CVs are an excellent one-size-fits-all solution for job seekers and college applicants. It is a great way to exhibit experience, educational qualification, capabilities, and skills. Both help in getting that particular interview one is vying. Resumes and CVs are different in their significant way, with certain countries preferring one over the other for […]

Why do you need a career coach?

Am unhappy with my career. Am looking for a better opportunity. I lost my job in pandemic and looking for a job. I want to switch my career. Do you resonate with any of the above statements? Confused about where to start, you will need skilled guidance to help you reach your career goals. A […]


Informational interviews used correctly can lead to many opportunities, a valuable strategy for freshers and working professionals to gain real-time occupational information that is not often available from other sources. Informational Interviews can be used to gather information about an industry, field, company, or specific job or career path. It serves as a great source […]


Panelist Introduction: Mrs. Ajitha is specialized in the education field and a mother of two kids, an eminent Instructor in a CBSE school. Mrs. Nidhi is Tech savvy and a Data Scientist, a former full-stack developer and a mother of a 15 months old. Mrs. Sridevi Ravichandran is an entrepreneur, runs her own business, Shrishi […]

8 Ultimate Job Search strategies for 2021

Job Search can be daunting, whether you are a fresher or working professional looking for a job change or career change.  Most job seekers think the first step of a job search is preparing or modifying our existing resume and apply for as many jobs as possible and wait for that interview call. If you […]

Cognitive Flexibility – Essential skill for future workplace 2021

Artificial Intelligence cannot replace human skills. Its growth increases the demand for human ‘soft’ skills. According to Businesswire ‘Critical thinking” and “cognitive flexibility” have topped a list of the most vital 2021 business skills’. The World Economic Forum also stated that one of the top ten soft skills needed for the future workplace is ‘Cognitive […]

The Art of Possibility – Book Review

Practices and Catch Phrases that transforms your professional and personal life!! Benjamin and Rosamund Zander, the authors, of the book, have given us an incredible and simple way of practicing 12 methodologies that will let us dwell in the possibilities to face the daily challenges in our lives.  This book provides an opportunity for personal […]

7 easy steps to reach the All-star in LinkedIn – 2021

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site.  LinkedIn is used to create professional relationships, find a job or internship, grow or promote your business, find the right audience for your professional growth. You can create your profile using LinkedIn comprising of your professional story, showcase your skills, education, certifications, and experience. It is a […]


Students experience challenges in daily life, coping with studies, extra classes & activities, peer pressure, social media pressure, social life, conflict with or among family, and many more.  Children are still developing physically and mentally. It is easy for them to break in the slightest failure leading to anxiety, stress, or Depression.  They need to […]


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