Cognitive Flexibility – Essential skill for future workplace 2021

Artificial Intelligence cannot replace human skills. Its growth increases the demand for human ‘soft’ skills. According to Businesswire ‘Critical thinking” and “cognitive flexibility” have topped a list of the most vital 2021 business skills’. The World Economic Forum also stated that one of the top ten soft skills needed for the future workplace is ‘Cognitive […]

The Art of Possibility – Book Review

Practices and Catch Phrases that transforms your professional and personal life!! Benjamin and Rosamund Zander, the authors, of the book, have given us an incredible and simple way of practicing 12 methodologies that will let us dwell in the possibilities to face the daily challenges in our lives.  This book provides an opportunity for personal […]

7 easy steps to reach the All-star in LinkedIn – 2021

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site.  LinkedIn is used to create professional relationships, find a job or internship, grow or promote your business, find the right audience for your professional growth. You can create your profile using LinkedIn comprising of your professional story, showcase your skills, education, certifications, and experience. It is a […]


Students experience challenges in daily life, coping with studies, extra classes & activities, peer pressure, social media pressure, social life, conflict with or among family, and many more.  Children are still developing physically and mentally. It is easy for them to break in the slightest failure leading to anxiety, stress, or Depression.  They need to […]


What is Resume? The resume is a document that contains a summary of your background- education, work experience, skills, credentials, and accomplishments. Resume mostly along with cover letter commonly used as the first step in your job search and securing a professional job position. Why do you need to build your UNIQUE resume? Your resume […]

5 steps to craft ultimate Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a short, concise summary of your background, expertise, and credentials. It describes your career, product, idea, or business in a memorable, unique, and effective manner. When delivered right, It helps to build your connections/network, use in a job interview, LinkedIn summary, professional networking events, client meetings, […]

10 Strategies to manage your time to be more productive.

Time management is planning your time allocation for specific tasks and executing the same with control, which increases your productivity and improves your efficiency to achieve set goals. Why Time Management is important? Builds professional reputation. Improves your effectiveness. Reduces stress and anxiety. Better work-life balance. Increases career prospects. Better opportunities in work and personal […]


LEADERSHIP Leadership refers to the capability of an individual to guide, influence, inspire a group of individuals to attain a specific set of objectives. ‘Leadership is not a person or a position. It is a complex moral relationship between people based on trust, obligation, commitment, emotion, and a shared vision of the good’. – Joanne Ciulla (Author) […]


With technological advancement, constant connection with social media and the internet, we are privileged to receive too much information, left with more choices to choose from, find n number of solutions/answers to one problem. But the vital question is, with all this information available, Are we making the right choice? Are we making the right […]


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