Applicant tracking system – How to make your resume ATS friendly?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software used by companies to select suitable candidates for job openings. It is an efficient method of filtering out candidates and is a highly convenient method for selecting the right person. ATS is a highly convenient method to save money that is otherwise sent to hiring managers who go […]

What is LinkedIn?

With over 690 million users on the platform, LinkedIn is the biggest professional social networking site. With its origins in 2003, LinkedIn has slowly yet steadily, created an avenue where individuals can form connections, expand their professional sphere as well as develop skills that are required and expected in their field of interest. Whether an […]

How to prepare for Video Interview – 2022

A video interview is a convenient way for recruiting candidates given, the current work from home circumstance due to Covid 19 resurge, a video interview is the most logical way of hiring a candidate. The scheduling is much easier for both parties and to assess the performance of a candidate. Interviews, in general, can be […]

How to make Vision Board 2022?

The feeling of getting life together is unparalleled. Organising, planning and finally, things coming together is a joy that is best left undescribed. Envisioning dreams and materialising and seeing them happen requires hard work and dedication. Consistency is key here, as always. It requires planning and the determination to never give up when you are […]

9 things recruiters look for in your resume.

Recruiters have the final say in hiring. They go through your resume and if they like what they see, they select you for an interview. If all goes well, you are likely to be hired for the job. The entire process is grueling and taxing. It can take months to get an answer. What each […]

How to be more productive during Holiday season?

December holds a charm of its own. It draws curtains for the year that was and is marked by festivities. There is something comforting as well as exciting about December. It is the time we let go of our inhibitions and relax a bit. The air is colder and, it is the time to slip […]

What is Mock Interview and Its benefits.

Once you have been filtered based on your resume, interviews are the next step when applying for a job. Interviews are known for their intimidating setup. The pressure of getting it right and impressing the recruiter can be daunting. Many things can be unnerving be it being in an unfamiliar set-up with an unknown person […]

Top 10 most commonly asked Interview questions and answers – 2021

Picture this: you have submitted your CV/Resume and have been shortlisted to attend an interview where they will give an ultimatum of if the company sees a future with you or not. Interview. The dreadful 3 syllable word. Up until now, there was a possibility of projecting a profile that spoke aspirational and polished. Somehow, […]

4 day work week – What are the Pros and Cons if implemented?

The year 2020 has changed life as we know it. We have worked around the clock to meet deadlines and attend meetings. A lot of the time, personal space was invaded upon. Most of us were pushed to the breaking point and, our mental health was in shatters. It was the year we realized and […]

Register for Amazon Career Day for Job seekers – 2021

A Career Day is an opportunity for job seekers to come across different companies and brands to know more about how they function, the skill set required and job openings. It is an incredible opportunity, be it for a graduate or a professional to know about different companies and what they are looking for. Career […]


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