Register for Amazon Career Day for Job seekers – 2021

A Career Day is an opportunity for job seekers to come across different companies and brands to know more about how they function, the skill set required and job openings. It is an incredible opportunity, be it for a graduate or a professional to know about different companies and what they are looking for. Career […]

6 Job search strategies for freshers – 2021

When you are a fresh graduate, there are not many avenues to explore the future. Chances are you are confused about what to do next. Whether to continue with your studies or to get a job or take time off for introspection, the options are quite varied and confusing. Choosing the right path needs a […]

How to write a Fresher Resume – 2021

Being a fresher in the job market can be a hurdle while searching for a job. When every opening requires a said work experience, which the fresher lacks, and hence it can be difficult not to be discouraged. We need to work with what is at hand and mould our projection that is of value […]

What is the Great Resignation in 2021?

Our lives have changed drastically in the past couple of years. We have learned to adapt and adjust to the changes happening around us. We have tried to grapple things and have a grip on things. Things were difficult, to say the least. Job security was a concern: people started working from home and, students […]

7 warning signs to change your career.

As humans, we tend to hate monotony. It does not push us and soon breeds boredom. Boredom settles in quickly and, enthusiasm soon dies out. Though challenges can be a bit daunting, they bring in the best versions of ourselves. We want to grow, scale greater heights and ultimately lead happy lives. Often our work […]

Ultimate guide for women Re entering workforce – 2021

As women, there are so many hurdles we need to jump across in our daily lives. Add in the pressures of being heard in a work setup and excelling in a man dominated workforce, we have to put in almost double or triple the amount of effort than our counterparts do. We have to adapt […]

What are Resume action words?

If you have studied in the  Indian educational system, chances are you have gotten yourself familiarized with the concepts of writing letters to the Editor, making CVs, and Resume. However, these were often brushed under the carpet and given the least acknowledgment in our school and college days. However, once we have completed higher education, […]

Difference between CV and Resume.

Resumes and CVs are an excellent one-size-fits-all solution for job seekers and college applicants. It is a great way to exhibit experience, educational qualification, capabilities, and skills. Both help in getting that particular interview one is vying. Resumes and CVs are different in their significant way, with certain countries preferring one over the other for […]

Why do you need a career coach?

Am unhappy with my career. Am looking for a better opportunity. I lost my job in pandemic and looking for a job. I want to switch my career. Do you resonate with any of the above statements? Confused about where to start, you will need skilled guidance to help you reach your career goals. A […]


Informational interviews used correctly can lead to many opportunities, a valuable strategy for freshers and working professionals to gain real-time occupational information that is not often available from other sources. Informational Interviews can be used to gather information about an industry, field, company, or specific job or career path. It serves as a great source […]


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